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hey, i didn't select that 

hey, i didn't select that 




morning room;

gorgeous, close to perfection little puppy opened its jaws and squeaked, waiting to be fed



grünewald is a design studio working on making the world a better place. For our children. Together with one million other companies with "positive impact" in their corporate values. As the world is getting better and better by the minute. All thanks to us. Jesus fucking Christ, are we fucked? What's the point? We're a bunch of impulsive little monkeys occupying a small dirt ball attached to a star roaming through the void. There is still rape, murder, and a looming tangible threat of both nuclear war and irreversible environmental destruction. Why aren't we talking about this? Digital marketing my ass. We are so fucked.

okay, attempt number 2. grünewald is a design studio. im tired. my feet are cold. chomsky says we are on the verge of extinction. a majority of people are extraordinarily dumb and boring.


we're done with post-postmodernism. we want a new proto-renaissance. we want people who are intelligent, cute, funny, nice, sincere, unique, brave.

grünewald is a design studio. and i would actually insist that everybody is intelligent, unique, and all that, at least potentially. but the system is broken so we don't function very well.

What do we suggest? We suggest ignoring old ineffective bureaucratic systems and focusing on new self-organized networks. Start by sending us a drawing. You remember how to draw, right? Find a piece of paper, grab a pencil, stick your tongue out and draw a mushroom cloud.

Matthias Grunewald - Detail of Christs foot from the Crucifixion scene of the Ise - (Meist

We hope you are healthy, happy, and the best version
of yourself in the present circumstances. 


good at visual communication.

our work:

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our clients:

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